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5 Secrets to becoming a local while staying at The Rowan Palm Springs

If you have worked with our shop to produce any of your corporate meetings or events you will be very aware that we have a thing for Kimpton Hotels. Hip, clean, modern, great locales, and some of the best meeting incentives offered. Recently, I got to meet with Ben Broyles, Sales Manager, and..

Why Do We Like Donuts?

Donuts play a role in every event we produce. When a client signs a service agreement and we begin work on the project, he/she or the company office receive a delivery of donuts from John/Perry Events. Really good donuts. Never from a chain shop. Nothing against them. But as a new company developing a strong client list of start-ups and small to medium sized companies

How I Found the Most Unique Hotel Employee in the World

I thought I was on a typical client site-visit at a luxury resort hotel property. Nope. Not today. Turned out to not be the full story. One of the unique aspects of our events company is our partnership as an independent licensee of Global Cynergies LLC based in...

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