Our Collective

We live in a time of instant gratification and productivity apps with ubiquitous connectivity. You have the option to quickly search and call the party planner everyone else calls, or hire one of the big-time experiential agencies and be the little fish swimming in the great big pool. At JOHN/PERRY we are a shop not an agency. A shop where experiences are made and developed. And we walk instead of swim.

Never run. Never panic. We walk calmly and get it done.

We take you along as we reach out to our partner collective and assemble a hard-hitting, brand-focused, practical pod of expert vendors to provide you ultimate potency and efficiency. Together, with you, the JOHN/PERRY Collective creates and produces YOUR Brand Experience.

And, you’ll work directly with us – John and his Executive Producers. We roll up our sleeves and plan, coordinate and produce day-of. We thrive on ubiquitous teamwork. We work with you as a remote network or face-to-face. Productivity software or hammer & nails. It’s fun and we enjoy it!

Our Collective

The Collective includes some of the most highly-regarded experts in the world

Audio & Visuals

Beverage Service / Mixologists

Entertainment / DJ’s / Live Bands

Catering / Food Trucks

Florists / Theme Design

Talent Wrangling


Masters of Ceremony

Photography / Videography

Staging & Truss

Hotel & Venue Sourcing

Technical Direction

Content Creation

Event Amplification

Event Applications

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Let's Build an Experience Together!